Our trilingual program is taught by one native English class teacher and two Cantonese speaking Chinese class teachers with some Mandarin learning activities.  Our bilingual program is taught by one native English class teacher and one native Mandarin class teacher with some Cantonese learning activities.  Both programs provide children an authentic language environment that enhances their ability to communicate in multi languages and to well prepare them for primary school, and to become a knowledgeable global citizen. 

For the moral education of our children, we use the whole person early years development program “I can” developed by Dr. Wong Chung Kwong where we incorporate children's learning into daily lives.  Together with the "The Good Child Behaviour Scheme", we encourage children to learn and to carry out good habits and to build good moral mental health in our children.  As for our K3 students, we implement the Zippy's Friends programme to promote mental health, emotional wellbeing and communication skills of children.  It helps children to develop coping abilities and positive aspects of behaviour and motivates children to learn.

We assess children's performance continuously in order to understand their learning progress together with their physical and mental developments. After analyzing the class performance record of children and information provided by parents, we prepare reports recording children's learning progress for parents and store them in school.

Each child is encouraged to take part in at least one sports class team training or extra curricular class.
Through the continuous  classes and training, children can develop their health,
explore their potentials, gain self confidence, learn to be responsible and adapt to group lives.

Coaching Qualifications
More than 10 years of teaching experience
Taught many kindergartens, primary and secondary schools

The third stage of the black belt of Kukkiwon
The third stage of the black belt of Hong Kong Taekwondo Association
The third stage of the black belt of International TDK HK Association

Member of the Hong Kong Taekwondo team
2018, 2019 Hong Kong Championship
2019 Hong Kong Representative of Taekwondo World Championships
2021 Hong Kong Representative of Taekwondo Asian Championships

Through On-Stage performances, children develop confidence, independence and perseverance.  They also enable young children to use them body movements to communicate and to find enjoyment in performances.

In order to promote children's reading interest and habit and motivate self-learning, teachers encourage parents to formulate continuous reading plan with their children.  Children are encouraged to use drawings or words to record their afterthoughts.  This helps children to develop writing abilities as well as to improve parent-child's relationships.

We enroll children in competitions, performances and community event such as flag selling, love the elderly activities, “Tak Tak Pig” care and love program, through which children develop confidence and benevolence, while having fun, children learn to accept and respect others.

Site visits to different places allow children to go out of the classroom and be in touch with the society.  Field visits are great ways to expand children's view of their surrounding and also allow children for more interaction and communication among their peers.