It is with deep appreciation for the past years of contributions, dedication and hard work of all staff members and supports from parents, friends and alumni that I am proud to announce the celebration of our new western district campus of H. K. Man Sang Kindergarten and International Nursery.

During the past few decades, under the distinctive leadership of our Principal, Ms. So Han Ng, and her staff, our school has lived up to our mission in life to provide an education of mind and heart characterized by commitment to educating the future generation of Hong Kong.  The record of enrolment of these years demonstrates that Man Sang's mission in pre-school education is meeting the demand of parents.  This strength gives us deep confidence as we move forward to the future in Man Sang's next chapter.

We should not be too complacent of our success, but instead to continue with the same vigorous approach indefatigably that has so far brought Man Sang to today's recognition.  We should continue to provide the best possible environment to enable each and every of our Man Sang students to blossom and to reach their highest potentials with flying colours.  I wish our students grow confidently in their pre-school years, to learn, to love and be loved, to start a bright chapter of their life that they can later be proud of.  We look forward to continuing to work with parents on this sacred path of educating our young children, our dream for betterment will go on.

Mr L. K., Ng