Enrichment Programme

For details of course opening, please contact the school office at: 2578 6763 (North Point) / 2336 3232 (Western District).

Through role-playing in stories, English Drama Programme is a great way for your child to improve their English speaking skills and their confidence in interacting with others.  Through poem scripts, songs and various drama games, children can improve their English in a fun and creative way.  Additionally, children will be invited to participate in the examination of Trinity YPC.

This course follows the curriculum of Cambridge Young Learners English with the purpose of enhancing children's reading, writing and listening skills.  Also, depending on the abilities of the child, we encourage children to attempt to write Cambridge YLE examination.

Fun Fun English provides a comprehensive platform for children to experience different aspects of English with the aim to broaden children's exposure to English.  Children will be introduced to lots of fun English games, stories, words games which will enhance their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English.

Dr. Chiu Siu Ling, President of Hong Kong Institute of Music Plus, completed her Bachelor and Masters degree in Music at the State University of New York, and completed her Doctor of Musical Arts Degree at the American Conversatory of Music.  Together with other music professionals including a music therapist, children are taught accurate intonation, rhythm and articulation, children are also able to develop social skills and interest towards music art, children are organized to attend out of school performances regularly to develop confidence and a sense of success by showing others what they’ve got on stage.

This course covers the basic techniques of Taekwondo (kicks, punches, balancing, reaction and coordination). Taekwondo can improve children's patience, self-control and increase their sense of morality, perseverance and respect to people.  Additionally, child will be examined for belt upgrade in the middle of the course.